Will – Wood Chipper in Asia

This is Will, now aged 31 and working as a Travel agent and music producer, he went travelling multiple times before settling down now with his own little family. Here is his story.


What year did you go travelling: 2004, 2007, 2010-11

Wow, where did you start:

Australia – 2004

Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand & Bali- 2007

Philippines, Borneo, Sumatra- 2010/11

What made you go travelling?

Faced with not wanting to be in education anymore at a Uni, I turned to travelling. A brilliant decision!

‘In Australia, you’re competing with every other Brit on tour…’

What were your expectations before you left and were they met/different to what you expected?

My expectations were high when heading to Australia on my first trip and whilst I had a great time working and moving around, a lot of the places I went to and the routines I got into with being employed, did feel familiar to what I had experienced at home. I think what I was actually looking for at that time was what I experienced on later trips around Asia where it’s much more adventurous and free. 

So you worked abroad, what was your job?

I’ve been a wood chopper (knackering), a telesales consultant, a waiter and a bartender.

 Were these jobs paid for or free board?

Mostly paid for although in Thailand I worked in a dive school bar for board and meals.

How did you find work, was it challenging?

In Australia, you’re competing with every other Brit on tour and it’s competitive. Other places opportunities just seem to come around when needed.

‘…offer to show what you can do for free for a day.’

What advice would you give to people looking for work abroad?

Prepare a CV and be prepared to be pro-active and in the most competitive of places, offer to show what you can do for free for a day. Only hard working enthusiastic people will prevail!

What was your favourite place and why?

Sumatra (Indonesia)

What was your least favourite and why?

Australia. A cross between the UK and the States. Was too familiar and was very easy to slip back into what I call “home mode”.

 If you were to go travelling again, what would you do this time?

South America as I’ve not been and I would take half the stuff in a much smaller bag as I only ever wore 50% of what I take.

 Any other notes/stories you want to add?

Travel tip: When skinny dipping, leave your valuables and clothes with a friend as the locals may steal them.