Lee – Traveller

This is Lee, a ‘Travel guy’ (Travel Agent haha), aged 30. He went travelling with his wife back in 2011. Here is what he got up to.


So Lee, where did you visit on your travels?

Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia

What was your favourite place and why?

It’s a toughy but I would have to say as a couple, Malaysia was my favourite place, such a beautiful country, really cheap and the people are all so lovely and helpful 

What was your least favourite place and why?

Probably Cambodia, really didn’t like Siem Reap, probably because it’s such a poor country, and it was sad to see all the children out in the streets at 2am begging for money, but you have to go to Angkor Watt, such an amazing experience

‘…everyone there was very friendly’

Why did you decide to go travelling? 

It was either this or settle down and get a mortgage, you can do that anytime so thought we needed to go away for a big one first

What were your expectations before you left and were they met/different to what you expected?

Kinda expected most of what we did and what happened to be honest, thought Vietnam was cheap compared to my expectations. We also expected to have issues in the north of Vietnam due to the long standing issues they have with westerners because of the Vietnam war, and we had heard a lot about it, but everyone even there were very friendly

What was your most memorable moment?

So many to think about, probably digging myself a whole on the beach of the full moon party to be sick in it before midnight!  Or going up to mushroom mountain, you have to try it!

Haha! Grose, but that was pretty quick thinking.

‘Make sure you fine tune your haggling skills!’

Was there any scary moments? 

Having a big row with a hotel owner in Cambodia as they tried to rip us off on a tour we booked with them, wasn’t really scary but probably one of the most annoying things, oh and bumping into tiger sharks while snorkelling in Thailand

If you were to go travelling again, what would you do this time?

I would love to go and do all the same stuff to be honest, but if I got the opportunity to go away again I would probably do a big trip around North America as I have never been before

Any tips for future travellers?

Make sure you fine tune your haggling skills!  It’s so much fun and it will save you loads of money, don’t ever accept the first price you get, you will struggle to haggle in the big cities of course but when you get to more remote places it’s all fair game