Jess – Finance in Australia

Jess, 26, works in finance. She is now living back in Manchester after spending a year and a half in Australia. Here is her story.


What made you go travelling?

I got to a point at work where I needed a new challenge, thought about moving jobs/departments etc but then thought this was the perfect opportunity to go travelling before furthering my career.

‘…if I didn’t do it now then I would never get round to doing it…’

There is an array of research suggesting that 20-30 somethings go through a quarter-life-crisis*. Research says that people use travel as a way of either running away from this, or as solution to this.

Do you think you went through a Quarter life crisis* before you went travelling?

YES! I had recently moved back home, was single, and didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life. Work wasn’t really going anywhere and I needed a new challenge. Other people around had been travelling so once I got the idea into my head I couldn’t get it out and decided if I didn’t do it now then I would never get round to doing it and regret the decision!

Did the travelling help?

Yes I learnt so much about myself from a number of different situations. I met many people along the way lots of which I would now class as good friends. I also learnt not to take for granted what I had at home, I appreciate having my friends and family around me a lot more than before I left. 

What were your expectations before you left?

I didn’t really have any, I just wanted to get away and see what happened as I went along. I planned accommodation for the first night but made no real plans or time expectations as I had a years visa. 

You worked abroad, which city did you work in?

Outback Australia and Melbourne. 

What was your job?

Did my rural work on a cattle station in the outback and worked on two finance contracts for wealth management companies in Melbourne.

‘Speak to as many recruiters as possible and apply for as much as you can.’

Was this paid for or free board/discounts?

Rural work was for free board and a small amount of spending money. Work in Melbourne was paid. 

How did you find work, was it challenging?

Rural work I found on Gumtree after a number of weeks looking.

The work in Melbourne was difficult to come by as due to visa restrictions I could only work contracts and many employers favour Australian citizens over those from other countries. 

What visa did you need and what was the cost of that?

Working Holiday Visa….roughly £200 I think

What advice would you give to people looking for work abroad?

It isn’t as easy as people say it is, jobs are well paid in the city although you’re limited to which employers will take you on. Speak to as many recruiters as possible and apply for as much as you can. Don’t spend your time sat on the job boards as most of those jobs have already gone many recruiters have positions which they fill without them even being advertised on the job boards. 


 *Read more about my Quarter Life Crisis here.