Becky – Graphic Designer

Becky, 27, travelled to South East Asia in 2016 with one of her best mates. Becky worked abroad like many travellers do, however, she worked for her own company based in the UK, connecting to wi-fi in various locations as she travelled.


Which countries did you visit on your travels?

I went to multiple places around Asia, starting in Bangkok then on to Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, back to Thailand islands, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and ended in Bali.

What made you go travelling?

An opportunity came up in my life where I could do what I always wanted to do and go travelling! I’ve been lucky enough to visit some amazing places with my family growing up, this gave me the travel bug to go away and visit new places without the guidance of mum and dad.

‘Amazing beaches, relaxing, meeting new friends, not a care in the world etc – no shark bitten legs!’

There was definitely a big milestone in my life that happened prior to travelling. I broke up with a long-term partner of 7 years, which at the time I thought I was never going to get the opportunity to go away travelling. Although this was an emotional time, I managed to push through and focus my time and energy into planning my dream trip around Asia! 🙂

Did the travelling help?

Yes! Travelling gave me the confidence boost that I needed. I was put in a new environments where I had to change a lot and not get attached to a certain place. Looking back there are certain places I wish I could of spent more time at, but due to my plan I couldn’t. However, all of this combined gave me the confidence to go back home and start a fresh new year with a clear head and the big boost that I needed!

What were your expectations before you left?

I have always loved the film ‘The Beach’, I presumed it would be similar to this. i.e. Amazing beaches, relaxing, meeting new friends, not a care in the world etc – no shark bitten legs!

However, I had a detailed plan that included how to travel around South-East Asia and see as much as I could in 9 weeks. From this I kind of knew before setting off due to the planning & preparation with flights & accommodation that it would not be as care free as it was in ‘The Beach’.

You worked whilst abroad, what was your job?

Being lucky enough to be a self-employed graphic designer I could work from wherever. All I needed was a desk, wi-fi and coffee! Travelling with my friend who is also a freelance graphic designer made it easier leaving the sun and beach to go and log on in an internet cafe.

How did you find working abroad, was it challenging?

I found it easier than expected as I had my business partner back in England working in the day whilst I worked through the night (due to the time difference). Thanks to Skype and Whatsapp planning our workload and what each other was up to was made easy.

‘Google your nearest co-working spaces, I worked in a lot of these and the wi-fi was always spot on’

What advice would you give to people who want to work for their current job whilst abroad?

First of all make sure you have the option to work from wherever within your job! Plan in days for trips to see all the sights, you don’t want to be looking at a screen for too long and miss out on your big adventure. If you’re lucky enough to have a co-worker, make sure you keep up to date with how they are getting on. Google your nearest co-working spaces, I worked in a lot of these and the wi-fi was always spot on…Even in a monkey jungle! (Ubud)

What was your favourite city/country?

Bali, it had everything from beautiful beaches to dense jungle villages with a weird Northern Quarter [Manchester] vibe to it.

What was your least favourite?

Kuala Lumpur was my least favourite because there wasn’t a lot to see and do. If you were after a cheap shopping trip and be in the middle of the hustle and bustle of a big city then this is for you! Oh…Also, if you’re a Nandos lover, you’ll find some here. After a long time eating lots of noodles a pri pri chicken breast with sweet potato wedges is like heaven on a plate!

Any other notes you want to add?

If you’ve always wanted to go travelling, just make it happen…You won’t regret it! 🙂