Heading Home

It’s not common for a travel writer to end their travel blog and write about it, but here I am, writing my goodbye. Our travel has come to an end and so has A Ticket To.

If you look back at our About Page, you’ll see all the countries we planned to visit, but sadly, plans change. Before setting off on the amazing honeymoon adventure, we didn’t quite manage to save enough money, we were a few thousands pounds under if I’m totally honest. This was due to having the most beautiful and fantastic wedding just before our travel, and still wanting some form of social life whilst we saved (we couldn’t quite give up every aspect). So, this August, we had to re-think our plans, look at our budget and ask ourselves what we could do with the remaining money.

ATicketTo-Bukit Terisek 2

Not much was the answer. The original plan was to go to Australia, get a working visa, settle somewhere and find a job. After working for a few months/up to a year, we would keep travelling with the money we’d saved. However after reviewing the bank balance, that wouldn’t be an option. We didn’t have enough money left to cover us whilst we tried to settle in Australia. If we didn’t get a job straight away then we would run out of money, fast. So, Australia was out of the question. We had enough money to cover our unbelievable trip to New Zealand, and Indonesia after that. It was here we were on holiday with our friends and family and it was amazing. Then, at the beginning of October, we headed home.

On our trip we met plenty of people who were stretching their travel plans to save money. They would stay in one town, sit in the hostel reception using the internet all day and not really exploring. Day in, day out, they would just lie there, watching the day go by. It seemed as though their version of travelling was just sleeping in different places. We were determined not to be those people. We didn’t want to miss out. It is unlikely we’ll be going back to these countries so we planned to see and do as much as we could whilst we were there. Even though we didn’t save enough, we would still visit the countries we wanted, including the more expensive ones such as Singapore and Hong Kong. Every now and again we’d eat at a nice restaurant rather than the street food. If there was a tour or trip we wanted to take, we would go. Unless something was extortionately expensive, we would do it!


We did some truly incredible things. From climbing two volcanoes, to swimming with turtles, to exploring ancient temples and going to music festivals in Bali. Yes these things cost us money but they are memories I’ll have forever. So, our time was cut short, but we still went travelling for 6 months! 6 months!! That’s 6 months of living the dream. And for our honeymoon as well? I honestly can’t think of a better way to start our marriage. This year really has been the best year of my life. I feel so lucky.

So here is my advice to you, anyone reading this and thinking about traveling themselves – JUST GO! It’s so simple, you just have to do it. I know the main reasons, excuses even, that hold people back – work, house, family etc. But honestly, those things will always be there. We put our house up for rent, someone else is paying our mortgage whilst we sun ourselves on the other side of the world. Once their contract is out, we’ll move back in. Nothings changed!

But you can’t quit your job? Well, Pete and I are lucky enough to be going back to the jobs we had before we left. Pete even got a promotion! He hasn’t worked for 6 months and he came back to an instant promotion! They must have really missed him. All we had to do was leave work on good terms. If you’re a hard-worker, and are open and honest with your employers, explaining that you are leaving for travel and not because you hate your job or are employed elsewhere, then who knows? They may be begging for your return. Plus, travel is so important to learn about culture, meeting new people broadening the mind. It’s not such a bad thing to have on your CV if you ask me!

But, at the end of the day, all I can do is write about why you should go. The final decision is down to you.

A Ticket To - wet

I want to end this piece with a thank you. Thank you to everyone who has visited A Ticket To, everyone who has followed us, taken our advice and read my work. It’s been a massive pleasure to write this blog and I am going to miss doing this almost as much as I miss having 10p half pint beers in Vietnam. I will miss writing as much as I miss driving around the gorgeous hills and mountains of New Zealand, the cyan blue waters of Philippines, and exploring the jungle in Malaysia. Travelling has truly been an incredible adventure and I’m so glad I have this blog to look back on. I hope you have enjoyed reading about it as much as I enjoyed living it.

Peace x

A Ticket To - Goodbye

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