Cheapest Beer in Georgetown, Malaysia

Where to find cheap beer in Georgetown?

Antarabangsa Enterprise, the shop come street bar. This place may not be for everyone. It definitely isn’t the prettiest, there are some questionable people around (mainly drunks) and you pretty much sit on the road. But for those of you that are budget backpackers like us, this is where you need to be.

Antarabangsa Enterprise is located on Lorong Stewart road, between the roads of Love Lane (where there are tons of bars and hostels) and Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling. (For those of you that are desperate for a drink, map and prices below).

Cheap Beer Georgetown

Similar to a UK off license, it is the best place to by alcohol and some snacks. The difference is, outside of the shop there are old, worn, plastic chairs and tables, stacked and ready to grab and sit in the street. Don’t be fooled, it’s not like Beer Street in Hanoi, or anything like Khao San Road in Thailand. You are sat next to a grey brick wall that blocks the sun, and cars and mopeds drive past and park at your feet. The owner is constantly shirtless and it is not a sight for sore eyes! Of course you can stock up and take it away, but where is the fun in that? This place is home to the travellers and the locals that like a drink, so everyone is really friendly and welcoming. You know exactly what you’re there for – cheap beer!


When I say cheap, I mean half price of what you are paying in happy hour in the bars locally and a third of the price you’ll be paying outside of happy hour! Here’s the price list as of July 2017 (in Ringgit. 1 Ringgit = 18 pence)

Map and Prices

Screen Shot - Antarabangsa Enterprise

Leo – 3 cans for 11 RM

Carlsberg – 5 RM

Somerbsy – 8 RM

San Miguel Pilsen – 4 RM

Skol – 4 RM

Kirin – 7 RM

Plus loads of beers you won’t find anywhere else in Asia including a wide range of craft beers. As well as a huge range of alcohol, you’ll find a huge range of people too. There are OAPs who don’t seem to have much else to do all day except drink. There’s business men and women rolling in with their 4x4s after a long day in the office. There’s travellers who have got stuck in Georgetown, not enough money to keep going but just enough to keep drinking. And then there’s the honeymoon travellers just looking for the cheapest place to drink!


So, if you are happy to sit with a bunch of merry locals and skint backpackers, or you just want to pop in to fill your hotel fridge and sit on your balcony in your own space, then head to Antarabangsa Enterprise.

Note – somephotographs taken from Google.

Peace x

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