Art and Travel part II. Street Art of Manila

You may have recently read my post about my relationship with Art and Travel. Here I mentioned how we regularly visit galleries and search for street art whilst on the road as a way to link my two passions together. So this is part two of my Art and Travel series: Street Art of Manila.

If you read enough reviews about Manila, Philippines, you’ll see that the city hasn’t got a great reputation, especially for travellers. On our first day here we weren’t blown away. Two of the city’s big attractions were pretty underwhelming – the oceanarium Ocean Park and Rizal Park. They were both worn-down, empty and a bit of an anti-climax. We found the whole first day just a bit of hard-work due to Manila’s tired trams and chaotic congestion. However, all that changed on our second day with our search for some art.

We wouldn’t have known about this area if the street art wasn’t there.

Amongst the modern skyscrapers, fancy shops and swanky hotels of BGC Manila (Bonifacio Global City), lies multiple, exceptional murals. The murals are the result of the Arts BGC Next One Festival, where international and local artists decorated the city with gigantic murals. Colourful, eye-catching and beautifully drawn, these pieces of work bring a whole new look to the BGC area and Manila itself. We wouldn’t have known about this area if the street art wasn’t there. Without this in the city, my views of Manila would be completely different.

We found this map online and have edited it to show you the best route to take. I only do this as we had no route in mind and had to do a few loops of the area to make sure we saw every piece.

Here is a selection of our favourites and where to find them. Enjoy!


ATicketTo-St.Art 2
Number 2 on the map – Artist Archie Oclos

At the start of our map you’ll find this piece at Number 2. Look at he detail in this work!

ATicketTo-St.Art 11
Number 11 on the map – Artist Kris Abrigo
ATicketTo-St Art. I
Letter I on the map – Artist Faile

Look how tiny I am next to this massive mural created by art-duo Faile.

ATicketTo-St Art J
Letter J on the map – Artist Cyrcle

We couldn’t find this one for ages! This was the reason we went round in circles on the map as we really wanted to see the Spaceman but didn’t know which letter/number he related to.

ATicketTo-ST. Art - 6
Number 6 on the map – Artist Francisco Diaz

There was construction work in front of this painting. I had to climb onto a concrete block to see it. Also, I love Francisco Diaz‘s website and other work.

ATicketTo-St Art - C
Letter C on the map – Artist Anjo Bolardo
ATicketTo-St Art- 4
Number 4 on the map – Artist Bunnie Reiss
ATicketTo-St Art B
Letter B on the map- Artist Drew Merritt

I love the angle of this woman, not one you regularly see. There is a lot of emotion in this painting too.

I wish more cities would embrace street art, I’m glad my home town of Manchester does. Not only does it make the place look more colourful and inviting, it encourages tourists to visit and explore too! Street Art is a great way for me to hunt out new artists and new work as we travel, and gives me happier memories of a place. Manila, you saved yourself from a not-so-great review with these pieces so keep it up!

Peace x

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