My Relationship with Art and Travel

‘During his time in Doha Rob has been exploring the magnificent city looking for suitable locations to paint ranging from historical and cultural landmarks to modern and majestic feats of engineering and architecture.’

Sounds like a dream job right? An artist who travels and paints for a living!

Rob Pointon is an artist working as Manchester Airport’s Artist in Residence. His job consists of him travelling to foreign countries for different airlines and painting whilst there. His work is then used by said airline or on display within the airport. He is the epiphany of how art and travel go hand in hand.


Rob Pointon

Both Pete and I did art based courses at University, I did Fine Art and Pete did Photography. Pete stayed within his field and found work as a professional photographer, whereas I struggled after University to get an art based job and stumbled into travel, working as a Business Travel Consultant. My love for travel grew, but my love for art weaned.

I’ve recently re-found my passion for the arts. I know this is obviously a travel blog, but art and travel both mean so much to me now, and are huge parts of my life.

I think recent changes in arts, crafts and design based TV programmes have helped me replenish my desire to produce art. Before leaving for our travels I was watching Sky Arts Portrait Artists of the Year, BBCs The Great Pottery Throw Down, and The Big Painting Challenge. The increase in popularity in these programmes, shown in prime-time slots, reflects the growing interest in the creative industry.

Using sketches and watercolour paints, Candace creates something almost everyday…

This encouraged me to research art blogs, and ways to get back into creating work. I read about Candace Rose Rardon and now I am obsessed with her blog. Using sketches and watercolour paints, Candace creates something almost everyday, and uses art as the basis of her travel blog. It is thoroughly fascinating.

I noticed how sketching makes your whole body pay attention — it brings every one of your senses to life. After years of traveling with my Canon SLR, it was my turn to be the camera.’


Candace Rose Rardon

I love this quote, what a great piece of advice. Yes photography is extremely important to travel and to us, but for a different artistic approach, why not try drawing? Maybe it’s time we looked past the immediate ‘instances’ of life, put down the camera, the Snapchat and the Instagram, be in the moment and absorb everything you can. What better way to make your view of that famous temple/beach/landmark, different to everyone else that has stood there. Make it into artwork that is personable to you, your own style. This is my aim.

ATicketTo-Art and Travel

I have not yet had much time to practice my drawing skills whilst we have been on the road, but art has still been a big part of our travel. We’ve seek out street-art such as the above from the graffiti covered Street 93, Phnom Penh, or visiting galleries, our favourite being the art island of Naoshima, Japan. Maybe publishing this post will be the kick-up-the-bum I need to get my pencils sharpened and my sketchbook ready. Hopefully I’ll have something soon to show you guys.

Peace x


Note: The images of the artist’s work were taken from Google.

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  1. Just stumbled across your blog, love this! Keep up the great work! 🙂


    1. aticketto says:

      Thanks so much! Hopefully one day I can be a ‘travel snob’ too! ☺️


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