The Trek up Mt Misen, Japan

I now officially have busted knee’s. The muscles have given way to mush. The bones are cracking like eggshells and I have been over-taken by over-weight, middle-aged men. After all the walking we have done throughout the travels, I feel like I can’t go on any longer. But I eventually get there, and by there I mean the best view I have ever seen.

The Trek up Mt Misen is a must-do day trip from Hiroshima. It is on the island of Miyajima where you will find the famous Itsukushima Shrine, along with wild yet tame deer, and 535m above sea level Mt Misen.

ATicketTo-Torri gate

The Torii Gate (built into the sea bed so at high-tide it looks like it is floating) is a popular attraction in Japan, and so we had the usual battles with tourists, and school children. They have actually been to every single attraction we visited whilst in Japan. However, we escaped the children once we headed up the mountain.


You’d think, after two cable-cars you’d be at the top, oh no, that would be too easy. 

The journey up is part of the *cough* fun. First, you take a free shuttle bus up to the Ropeway (cable-car). The ticket for the ropeway is 1800 yen each (around £12.50). It reminded me of a roller-coaster. The anticipation, the noises, the chains, the rickety feeling. Up, up, up the steep steep mountain. Ear pressure getting greater as we go. Once we made it up the first cable-car, we boarded a second, more modern one. As Jackie Wilson would sing ‘higher and higher!’ You’d think, after two cable-cars you’d be at the top, oh no, that would be too easy. We then have to walk up the mountain to reach the summit. It was a trek, the humidity and heat didn’t help either! Up stairs, hills and through tree’s we climbed. Knee’s screaming with every step. It took us approximately 40 long minutes to reach the top. So, an easy trek for you athletic people out there. But after all the walking miles each day, the trek up Mt Misen has pushed me to breaking point. Even Peter needed a lie down once we reached the summit.

ATicketTo-Mt Misen domno

 Silhouettes of islands line up on the horizon…

Like Rocky up those stairs, I battle through and we made it, and what a sight there was to greet us. 360 degree views we had from the Mt Misen Observatory. Grey boulders turned into green trees, which lead to blue seas and misty mountains in the distance. Silhouettes of islands line up on the horizon, dots of boats bob on the sea, whilst white sandy beaches glisten to catch our eye. The towns and cities looked so small and insignificant against this huge backdrop. Magnificent. We sat and basked in the scenery till we got cold in the wind! It’s chilly up on a mountain.

ATicketTo-Mt Misen view 2

On the way down, we see an elderly woman, must have been 80+, a waking stick in each hand, doing one step at a time. Wowsers. She is going to be there a while, but full credit to her! The way my bones are cracking on these steps, I’ll be right there with her soon!

Peace x


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