How to get to the Airplane Graveyard in Bangkok

We thought being on our honeymoon meant we’d get a fancy upgrade, maybe even meet the pilot and see the cockpit. Nope, none of that happened. So, whilst in Bangkok, we went and found our own cockpit to play in.

After looking for alternative things to do in Bangkok, this abandoned Airplane Graveyard popped up. Like the scene from War of the Worlds  (the Tom Cruise re-make) we were surrounded by pieces of planes. I read that a business man bought the planes to sell for parts, and this must be the rubbish left-over bits. Today, a couple of families have moved onto the grounds where the planes have been left, locked the gate and started charging 200-300 baht per person (approx £5) for entry. Not a bad rate to be fair, for a private play pen of planes! They have adapted two segments of a Boeing 747 that they use as their homes, but there are still plenty more planes to explore without disturbing them.


So how to get to the airplane graveyard? We made our way by first taking the overground to Siam station (Siam square), then walking approximately 10-15 minutes to pier Pratunam. From here we took a Khlong Boat along the Saen Saep toxic green canal (approx 20 baht per person). As we travelled I was thinking what would happen if I fell in? For one, I’d have to keep my mouth glued shut or I’d probably need my stomach pumping. And two, have you seen The Secret World of Alex Mack? She gets covered in a chemical and gains all these unusual powers… That’s one for you 90s kids out there. We got off the boat at Wat Sriboonreung, the last stop. Note: The last stop isn’t shown on the map on the Khlong Boat website, see photo below. From here, it’s another 10 minute walk to the main road, Ramkhamhaeng, and ‘voilà’, you will find the planes. The whole journey from Siam square took around 1 hour.


…it would fail so many health and safety rules that is probably wouldn’t exist at all.

Once there, the attraction was all ours. No security to go through, no nail scissors to be confiscated, no trips to the luggage room to get a solar-charger out of your bag (both happened to me on the way to Bangkok) just a field of fun. If this was in England, expect it all to be cleaned up, ladders, steps and hand-rails to be put in place, helmets would need to be worn and…. well, it would fail so many health and safety rules that it probably wouldn’t exist at all.

To get into the double decker plane, you have to squeeze your way in through the luggage door (I think that’s what it was). Then, carefully stepping through the debris, you reach a little ladder up to the top deck. Window panels, over-head compartments and unrecognisable pieces of plane lay scattered across the unstable floor. With it being gutted, you can truly appreciate how big these machines are. Of course, we headed into the cockpit.


All that playing pretend you did as a child, it all came true here. Pressing buttons, steering the wheel and half covering my mouth to sound muffled… “Welcome aboard the Boeing 747 from Bangkok to London. Today the weather in London is grey, raining and 12 degrees. (But in Bangkok its sunny and 38 degrees, yay!) The flight should take us 12 and a half hours, arriving into London at 15:25.”

With our exploration bug fed and our memory cards full…

We spent a good hour here climbing through doors, windows, up ladders and into cockpits. With our exploration bug fed and our memory cards full, with dirty hands and knee’s, we sadly headed back to reality.

This was truly one of the best days we had in Bangkok and I’d highly recommend a visit. Go now before it gets too popular, or before the family that live there no longer own it. If some other business man gets his hands on this site, you may have to pay more than 300 baht, or, fight for space with others that wish to play pretend.




Peace x

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  1. Karen says:

    I MUST visit here one day! Thanks for the read; also very cool photos xx


    1. aticketto says:

      Cheers pal! Yes, if you visit Bangkok this needs to be on your to do list! So crazy and so much fun! x


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