How to get to Na Muang Waterfalls

I am so un-fit.
This wasn’t more true than when we got A Ticket To Na Muang Waterfalls. Beautiful and a fun place to go, but man, you need stamina to walk it!

Cooking Thai Food: Ying’s Cooking Class

Prawn brains anyone?

Well I did say I’d embrace the food and culture as much as I could and what better way to do so than to eat like the locals eat? However, fifteen chilli’s in your curry? Erm, no. As Ying herself said, Thai mother’s milk is spicy!

Koh Samui and Cake

Hello from Koh Samui!

Secondly I need to mention cake! So much cake!

Whilst on the flight from Manchester to Singapore, we were presented with a honeymoon cake! Sponge cake covered in icing and strawberries…