Things to do in Bohol, Philippines

Philippines is now the country I recommend the most for a holiday. I have already boasted about Taal, Palawan and Manila, so here I am with another complimentary post, this time it’s Bohol’s turn. Unusual landscapes, animal encounters and gorgeous beaches, here is our list of things to do in Bohol.

Koh Phi Phi – Expectations vs Reality

Malia, Magaluf, Lanzarote. These are not the places I thought I’d be comparing Koh Phi Phi to. I was expecting something similar to The Maldives, Seychelles. I 100% did not expect to read ‘Topless girls and Naked guys – free bucket of booze!’ I don’t think I have drunk from a bucket since I was at University. Then again, looking around, I think most of the people are at University. We are old man. Maybe it’s time we accepted that?

Cheapest Beer in Georgetown, Malaysia

This place may not be for everyone. It definitely isn’t the prettiest, there are some questionable people around (mainly drunks) and you pretty much sit on the road. But for those of you that are budget backpackers like us, this is where you need to be.

Trekking through Taman Negara, Malaysia

Who would have thought it hey? A year ago I didn’t even own a waterproof coat! If it was raining, I wouldn’t go outside, simple! The most I walked was to and from the bus stop for work, or to Greggs for lunch. Now, my limited edition Nike sneakers are covered in mud, my butt is sore from falling over and I’m scrabbling under fallen trees – and loving it!

Art and Travel pt III. Singapore

I am all for art reaching the masses. The world should be more colourful! It is great to see an artist appeal to such an array of fans. But when that popularity means we can’t actually appreciate the work anymore and the viewing sessions are timed on an iPad, that is when I start questioning what the point of it all is?

A Whirlwind day in Singapore

Singapore is like the Cara Delevingne of cities, young, funky, beautiful, arty and ridiculously photogenic. Although only a small country, the atmosphere and the buildings are mighty. Here is what we got up to on our first day, a whirlwind of a day, in Singapore.

48 hours in El Nido, Philippines

We thought that when you go travelling you spend most of your time lazing on a beach, chilling in the sunshine, sipping beers and cocktails. OK we have had a lot of beer, but hardly any beach time! That all changed when we visited El Nido in The Philippines, and what incredible beaches this place has!

The Ultimate Tour – Coron Island, Philippines

With islands and karsts as beautiful as Ha Long Bay, with thriving coral that can rival Great Barrier Reef and with warm waters that you’d expect in the Caribbean, Coron Bay is incredible and should be on every traveller’s list.

How to get from Manila to Taal

We did it again, another trek, up another hill, in the sizzling sunshine. And again, I felt like I was going to faint. This time, it was a volcano named Taal, in the Philippines. The trek was strenuous, but the view was sensational.

A Bad(ish) Day in Tagaytay, Philippines.

‘What do you mean you are taking us to your sister hostel?!’
This was the last thing I needed to hear! Here is a re-cap of a our Bad(ish) day at Tagaytay, Philippines, and what happened to us on our arrival.

Art and Travel part II. Street Art of Manila

If you read enough reviews about Manila, Philippines, you’ll see that the city hasn’t got a great reputation. On our first day we weren’t blown away. But on my search to link Art and Travel, I found Manila’s Street Art, and that changed everything!